Tips to Selecting Wireless PC Headset with Microphone

When it comes to wireless PC headset with Microphone, most of us look at the obvious – the microphone. After all, the headset is going to be used with the game you are playing. However, did you also know that there are other features you should be considering when purchasing a wireless headset? Two important features to consider are microphone fit and noise reduction, which you will find discussed below.

wireless pc headset with microphone

Quantum 600 Wireless PC Headset with Microphone

Quantum 600 is perhaps one of the most well-received wireless pc headsets with microphone units available on the market today. Available in five different standard sizes, Quantum 600 offers the gaming experience everyone is looking for with clear, crisp sound quality and clear audio reproduction. Quantum 600 has an impressively long cable with an extended headband. The cord is comfortable and sturdy and has an extra-large connector that helps minimize clutter while providing long, thin sound transmission. The earmuffs are made out of breathable, silicon rubber, providing a great sound quality.

Dolby Mobile Pro Wireless PC Headset with wic

For gamers, nothing beats a good, crisp sound from their headsets, especially with surround sound. The Dolby Mobile Pro offers a smooth fit with a comfortable metal ear cushion. This wireless headset has a three-way directional microphone switch for even more clarity and bass. The built-in noise-reducing feature of the DLL-powered microphone lets you enjoy premium sound quality even when others are around, eliminating background chatter.

Steelseries Arctis Wireless Headset

If you’re looking for the best in wireless headset quality and performance, look no further than the Steelseries ARCTIC Wireless PC Headset with Microphone. With a clear, crisp sound and an adjustable noise-reduction microphone, the Steelseries ARCTIC is an all-time winner. In addition to the wireless headset’s exceptional sound quality, the rechargeable battery is ready to go at a moment’s notice. The built-in noise-canceling feature also ensures that you’ll get the quietest sound recording possible.

Philips Sonicare USB Wireless Headset

If you’re on the hunt for a good wireless headphone, look no further than the excellent Philips Sonicare USB wireless headset. It has an advanced frequency response system that employs phase shifting. You can adjust the frequency response to your liking, and it comes with a helpful feature called S-mount which enables you to use the wireless adapter on the PC instead of the computer case. The S-mount feature also lets you use the wireless adapter on different devices like USB keys, pens, mice, and other accessories. The powerful 40-mm dynamic driver type drives the speaker output and provides a high-quality audio output.

To get the best wireless PC headphones, it is recommended that you take a quick look at the specifications provided by the manufacturers. Make sure that you check if they have a low estimated reading time, signal reception, and frequency response. Also, don’t forget to look at the comfort level, battery life, comfort, size, and weight.

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