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Hey guys I just entered a competition for a comedy thing and this is very very lame but I just decided to do it last minute. (VERY MAD THAT ONE OF THE CLIPS IS TERRIBLE QUALITY BUT OH WELL) I would really appreciate it if you guys could go to the video and comment/like it to show your support! 

Here it is!

I admit this was actually pretty funny

cheers mate!!!!



i fucked up……………………………………….

Me too, Hun. You’re not alone. If you wanna talk about it, shoot me a message. I’m here to listen and help you out if you want. *sends hugs or whatever makes you comfortable*

my post was referring to me accidentally writing ‘kingdom of hearts’ instead of ‘kingdom hearts’ in a post but thank you

I dont remember taking this video on Saturday night but I love it


Holy shit my Aunt is WASTED

"jokes are just jokes! get back in the kitchen you fat bitch before i rape you! just kidding! haha see everything is alright now! im not sexist! take a joke!"

Seems like all you try and do is call people out and ride around on your white horse these days. Your blog used to be great but ever since you called out the people who recently got terminated, it's been going down hill. :/

look at this cool face —-> 8^)

protect girls



i counted 30 seconds

protect girls


Re: jerking off joke. That could be a pretty funny concept if they were aping the idea of straight dudes who are extremely homophobic but I take it they just went the stale route of goin "I ain't gay I didn't mean to cum when a dude was on screen!"?

he was literally doing the jerk off motion the whole time and running through a porn scene…… and then going ‘oh my god i just came watching a guy cum!’

Maybe people actually realise that jokes are meant to be funny and dont get upset over the subject???????

maybe being a sexist asshole isnt actually funny????

oh my god i just watched another entry and its a 50 second set about jacking off to porn but then finishing when you see the dude and feeling gay for a second. these people…. exist… and… think this is revolutionary comedy. although i basically did a poo joke so actually nevermind

imagine a dude basically singing ‘online dating is good but ‘ugly girls’ are posting pics of other girls so that they can feel good about themselves’ to the tune of ‘riptide’ by vance joy. then imagine someone watching a video of that and laughing and enjoying it. thats something thats happened.

nayx replied to your post: Hey guys I just entered a competition …

that was amazing

FAR from amazing because i did it like 5 mins, but…. the only reason i entered was because the person who is ‘winning’ i guess, is just a dude in an afro singing about ‘fat chicks’ and basically being a giant rubbish mountain in human form… so like… if i had to see that guy on tv i would be very upset